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Parking lot

We can clear entire work sites of trash and debris. So if you're hoping to ever do something with the dirty land that you own, contact Johnson Excavating and let us put you on the right track.

Clean up your property

It really is true that there's a lot of trash and debris floating around out there. If you're here, then some of it may be occupying your property.


Assuming that it's unwelcome on your land, let Johnson Excavating remove it for you. Your land will be a lot easier on the eyes and the earth will love you for years to come.

Believe it or not, there's definitely a correct way to handle a demolition job. Let Johnson Excavating put our experience of respecting the environment and workplace safety to test on   your next project.

How big is your job?

Demolishing the building

Demolition takes some know-how

There are countless reasons that you may want to clean or clear a piece of land. We've heard all of them. We'd love to hear yours and help make it happen.

Don't let a dirty lot stand in the way of your vision.

A beautiful, clean piece of land could be yours. Just call.



Clearing the lot