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We'd be happy to deliver you order of dirt, sand, gravel, or stone fill. If you're looking for backfill, loam, or topsoil, then you've also come to the right place. It's not often that you hear those words anymore and we're proud to say them.

Truck dumps load of soil on construction site

Where does soil come from?

Well, it comes from the earth, but unless you're thinking about stealing your neighbor's front yard, you might want to consider another option.


Let Johnson Excavating provide the topsoil or gravel for your next project. We'll deliver your material and we can even help you grade it out.

Gravel quarry

It's an important question after all. If you're considering the construction of a new parking lot or driveway, let Johnson Excavating handle all that hard work. Learn more here.


We can sell whatever you need

Where are you going to park?

We'll bet you haven't yet thought about where you're going to get the topsoil, stones, or dirt for your next project. We can provide them for you.

You'll love our easy drop-off and delivery of your soil.

Call today to get your material delivered to your door.