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Every Project Done Right

We're here to help you complete commercial or residential projects, large or small.

At Johnson Excavating we take a hands-on approach to every project to ensure every job gets done right. Our reputation, integrity, and commitment to safety drive every project.

Our Services

Service 01

Foundation Excavation & Pole Barn Site Prep

Your foundation has a lot riding on it. Trust Johnson Excavating with your foundation work.

  • Prepping your Pole Barn Site

Service 04

Septic System Installation

At Johnson Excavating we have extensive experience dealing with septic system malfunctions. Trust us to take care of septic system issues for you.

  • Septic Installation

Service 02

Site Cleaning

Trust Johnson Excavating for removal of debris from your property.

  • Entire work site clearings

  • Demolition debris cleaning

Service 05

General Grading

Our earth-moving equipment helps us tackle any project with efficiency and ease. Trust Johnson Excavating with all your grading needs.

  • Leveling Ground

  • Prepping for Construction

Service 03


From site planning to preparation and completion of a project, trust Johnson Excavating to help with your parking lot and driveway needs.

  • Driveway Planning

  • Driveway Preparation

  • Driveway Construction

  • Driveway Cleanup

Service 06


Demolition requires skill and experience. Trust Johnson Excavating to respect the environment and ensure safety during demolition projects.

  • Commercial Demolition

  • Residential Demolition

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