Johnson Excavating can handle all your trenching projects. We can install drainage systems and dig trenches and ditches. We also handle drain tiling and can prep dig sites.

Foundations and Pole Barns

At Johnson Excavating we understand why your foundation matters and we want to help you do it right. We've handled many pole barn preps. With our efficient equipment and extensive experience, we can help with your home or garage. We're also happy to help prep any site before a build.


General Grading

We tackle projects of all sizes and degrees of complexity. At Johnson Excavating we work harder and smarter to be more productive and get your job done faster. Job site safety is always our top priority. Trust Johnson Excavating with your general grading projects.


Demolition requires skill, experience, respect for the environment, and a safe approach. At Johnson Excavating we have the skill and experience required to get your job done quickly and safely.

Land and Lot Cleaning

Trust Johnson Excavating to clean up your property. We can clear entire work sites of debris.

Septic Installation

Trust your septic system malfunctions to Johnson Excavating. We sell new septic tanks and install them as well. If your septic system breaks down, turn to Johnson Excavating to get a new one.


Driveways & Parking Lots

Let us plan your parking lot or driveway. From site planning to preparation and completion of the project, parking lots and driveways take a lot of work to get done correctly.


Trust Johnson Excavating to help with that work. We handle every step of the process, from the moment the dig begins, all the way until your parking lot or driveway is constructed.


You share your vision, and we'll provide the experience and knowledge.

What are you digging?

At Johnson Excavating we take a hands-on approach to every project to ensure every job gets done right. Our reputation, integrity, and commitment to safety drive every project.